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Otolaryngology Personal Statement # 2

Thank you for reviewing my application for admission to your residency program. It would be a privilege to join your division as a resident.
I have chosen to apply for Otolaryngology because it offers everything I want in a career. One of the greatest attributes is its diversity. There is a balance of clinical, surgical, medical and academic challenges, both in the clinic and in post-operative care. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with patients of all ages. During my electives I was exposed to many patients including those with hearing loss, balance disorders, head and neck cancers and skull base tumors. I have observed many surgeries, including endoscopic, oral and facial reconstructive, microvascular and microscopic surgeries. My experience has given me an appreciation for the diversity within the specialty and the valuable contribution Otolaryngologists can make to patientsí lives.
The head and neck is an exciting area for many reasons. The anatomy is intricate and includes essential organs and structures. I am attracted to the mix of microscopic and macroscopic surgery as well as the technical challenge of operating in this region. The head and neck region is extremely personal and important to peoplesí lives as it encompasses all of the senses. Hearing is one of the most valued senses. A personís face and voice are strongly associated with their persona.
I initially became interested in Otolaryngology in anatomy labs during the head and neck section, taught by Dr. _____. Shadowing Dr. _____ in both clinics and in the OR solidified my interest in otolaryngology. The following year I had a valuable experience as an elective student in the Division of Otolaryngology at ________ (clinical and research). I presented my research at the Canadian Society for Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and was able to witness the impelling research in Canadian Otolaryngology. In my clerkship year, I had several electives that furthered my desire to become an Otolaryngologist.
Otolaryngology demands excellent medical knowledge, surgical skills, and effective communication. It also requires empathy and compassion. I believe I possess these attributes and have many more that I can bring to your program. I am a team-player who is self-motivated and hard-working. I bring energy and enthusiasm to everything I do. I am eager to accept new challenges; however, I am aware of my limitations. I also have a proven interest in research and education which I believe is valuable to the profession of otolaryngology.

My past experience shows I can manage time effectively and can balance academics with life outside of medicine. I believe balance is important to being a productive physician. Throughout my university education I continued to weight-train and run four times a week while staying active in student politics and many other extra-curricular activities. I play guitar and in medical school I formed a band with five of my classmates, and I recently started playing Ice Hockey and Golf.
Upon my completion of a residency in Otolaryngology, I would like to continue my training in a fellowship program, and eventually hope to work in an academic centre. I would strive to be active in clinical otolaryngology, research and medical education.
I am interested in the _______ program for many reasons. There is a great working relationship between the staff and residents that has transcended into a positive working environment. ________ residents obtain substantial operating experience at an early stage. The population base in ________, as well as the expertise of the staff physicians, provide exposure to many subspecialties of otolaryngology while providing excellent general otolaryngology training. Graduating residents have proven to be technically and academically proficient otolaryngologists who are capable of practicing in the community or continuing in a fellowship program. From every perspective, the ______program has everything I am looking for.
I hope this letter and my application have given insight into my character, my motivation and goals. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my application and your program. I can assure you that I would be a dedicated, enthusiastic and productive member of your program.
Thank you again for your consideration.

Otolaryngology Personal Statement # 2


You are welcome to ask for hospital review for residency. We will be providing them to those who ask them first.

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The Three Steps of the USMLE
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